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(330) 784-4626 or Brown St. (330) 258-9600
Hanini Subs is located in Akron, Ohio. We are known for our awesome subs and salads. We were to the fox 8 hotlist for best sandwhiches. Here is what some people are saying about us! I was just turned on to this place within the last year!! OMG I will never forget my first visit. I could not believe the SIZE of the small Gyro I ordered. I had to put my eyes back into their sockets. You will definitely get your money's worth on whatever you order here!!! You've gotta try the corned beef.....it's the best I've ever tasted! Jennifer Mastroianni: "Hanini, the sub chain from Cleveland, is known for its tender corned beef. It also is known for its enormous sizes.